Should I contact St. Verena Clinic or San José Clinic if I have any question?

All clinic services, eligibility and volunteering are temporarily done through San José Clinic. Arabic translation services are available upon request.

Do I have to live in Harris County to qualify for services?

St. Verena Clinic provides care to individuals who live within Harris County as well as surrounding counties, servicing more than 227 zip codes.

How much does a doctor’s visit cost?

St. Verena patients are asked to make a contribution to their care, based on a sliding scale determined by Federal Poverty Guidelines, which account for family size and income.

Medical: Once an individual is determined as eligible for medical services, he or she can be seen by appointment. A contribution to care for medical services includes the doctor visit, medications, and most lab work. Prescription refills and follow-up lab work are paid separately.

Dental: Dental services include preventative, restorative, limited prosthodontics and limited oral surgery procedures. Appointments are made for eligible persons based on availability. A patient makes a contribution to care per procedure, which is based on a sliding scale.

How do I make a doctor’s appointment?

Call (713) 228-9411 to make an appointment. San José Clinic’s Scheduling Department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Medical Department: (713) 462-0535

Dental Department: (713) 228-5716

I have the Harris County Gold Card; will I be eligible for your services?

Perhaps. Please visit our eligibility page to see what to bring on your first visit.

Can I keep my scheduled appointment if my eligibility has expired?

Appointments are for individuals who have current eligibility. If you have a scheduled appointment and your eligibility has expired, please reapply for services prior to the time of your appointment or call to cancel your appointment.

What is the wait time for medical and dental appointments?

Wait times vary according to specialty. Please call (713) 228-9411 for more information.